Kayemcee Group

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Level 29, Chifley Tower
2 Chifley Square
Sydney, NSW, 2000 Australia

Ph: +61 2 9375 2333
E: info@kayemcee.com 

Level 12
300 Park Avenue
New York U.S. 10022

E: info@kayemcee.com

Innovation is the key to everything we do. Finance is eternally moving, and being in front of the trend is paramount to our ability to deliver clients top-tier speciality finance services. We assist clients in unlocking capital and potential where timing, structure or capital availability are holding them back.

Our reputation comes as a result of our extensive investment experience, broad capital sourcing capabilities and a disciplined investment approach.

The team at Kayemcee have been assisting clients with their esoteric and executive finance needs for combined generations. Allow us to help your business realise its true potential.

Kayemcee seeks special situations, where we can fill the void between traditional lending and equity players. We are a renowned capital resource specialist that can help people and businesses profit when the opportunity is right, time is critical and lenders are no-where to be seen.

Please contact us if you have a special situation or ABL opportunity you would like to discuss. We can provide specific feedback in a timely manner and can provide pre-approvals to appropriate borrowers.